What does a bed bug look like?

What does a bed bug look like

What does a bed bug look like? I had no idea what a bed bug looked like until I found a couple crawling on my legs one night. That wasn’t the end of it though, because even though I had found the critters, I still didn’t know what they were. Once I typed in a search engine query, and looked at a few pictures, I then knew I had bed bugs in the apartment.

As I’ve mentioned several times on this site, the moment I discovered bed bugs was a dark day indeed. I was hoping to find some other explanation for the crawling bugs on my legs, but alas it was not to be. One reason it took a few minutes to confirm my beliefs was that there are 6 stages of a bed bug’s life, and I was looking for an adult bed bug pic, which I didn’t know at the time. The younger critters in the family tree are harder to spot, but the adults can certainly be readily seen with the human eye.

What does a bed bug look like
Adult bed bug

Bugs that look similar to bed bugs? Actually, stink bugs are good bed bug look alikes, only they are much bigger in size. Both are quite slow and easy to catch, so killing them is rather easy. Stink bugs don’t hunt in packs though, so we usually find individuals in our apartment on occasion, who have sought refuge from the outdoors. I usually wrap them in tissue paper, and toss them in the trash.

What other bugs look like bed bugs? Bed bugs are part of the mite family, so dust mites are similar look alikes as well. All mites look relatively alike, as they are tiny in size and usually flattened in shape.

Bed bugs are flat, and the adults are usually a darkish red color, due to the fact that they have probably just finished noshing on your human blood. They are aggressive feeders, and will come out whenever there is a food source nearby. One popular assumption is that bed bugs will only come out at night, but that isn’t entirely true. Sure, they are naturally nocturnal creatures, but that is mainly due to the fact that humans usually sleep at night, rather than during the day. So, they have adapted, and become largely nocturnal creatures.

You’ll often hear people ask, ‘what do bed bugs look like on a mattress?’ Well, they look the same as they would if you found one crawling on your skin, but on the mattress you may actually find quite a few huddled together in a nest. Often, you can find the nest underneath the mattress itself, or even in the box spring. They are lazy creatures, who like to nest as close to their food source as possible, which means they like to be close to… YOU!

What bed bugs don’t look like – Well, they don’t look like silverfish, fruit flies, fungus gnats, paper wasps, house centipedes, or orangutans for that matter, most of which have been covered to some degree on this website.

Getting rid of bed bugs is usually a matter of having professionals come out to your property and treat it with chemicals, or even use heat as part of the process. In fact, heat treatment for bed bugs is the healthiest, least invasive way to handle infestations. Preventative measures should be taken to ensure you don’t bring bed bugs into the home, though, because hiring professionals can be a costly venture no matter which treatment is administered.

Luckily, our apartment complex handled the situation with their own extermination company, and after only three treatments we are now bed bug free. It’s nice to have our peace of mind back, as it’s hard to sleep knowing that you are now part of the food chain, so to speak.

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