Sofa covers cheap | SofaSafe Bed Bug Proof Sofa Cover Couch Encasement

Bed bugs are extremely difficult and costly to remove from upholstered furniture. In fact, most of the time the furniture that has been invaded by the bed bus will have to be thrown in the trash!

SofaSafe prevents you from having to throw out your sofas and chairs. SofaSafe is easy to install and these cheap couch covers will lock in any bed bugs already hiding in the sofa. Keep SofaSafe zippered tightly for 18 months and all bed bugs inside will starve to death.

Also great for protecting furniture from infestation in storage or apartment buildings. Makes it very simple for exterminator to perform follow-up inspections and know for sure if they are gone.

Why wait until you know you have bed bugs to protect your furniture and belongings? I just makes good fiscal sense to stay ahead of a bed bug infestation and protect your valuables from future damage. After all, this stuff ain’t cheap to replace…!

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