Terro ant killer | How to get rid of sugar ants in house and home forever

How to get rid of sugar ants in house

Terro ant killer | How to get rid of sugar ants in house and home forever.

Did you know that there are over 12,000 species of ants sharing the planet with us? Did you even care to know that? Me either, because the only ants I care about at any given moment are those that have decided that my home, and specifically my kitchen area, would be a nice place to spend some quality time. Whether I’ve been invaded by black ants, red army ants, or those little sugar ants that couldn’t harm a flea if they tried, they have got to go…!

Currently, I don’t have any ants in my little, one-bedroom apartment. You wanna know why? Because, I’ve learned my lesson from times past. I’ll let you in on a not so guarded secret; if you have ants in your home, then it’s because you left something lying around that they find delicious and/or irresistible, and they will stop at nothing to get a taste of it.

How to get rid of sugar ants in house
Sugar ants

It really is that simple, so I’ll say it again in layman’s terms… if you want to get rid of ants in your home, then clean up your act, plain and simple. Take out the garbage on a regular basis. Wash the dirty dishes that are piling up in your kitchen sink. Stop leaving food laying around. Clean up any and all spills. And most of all, use some cleaning products every now and then. Ants will not come around, if you foster a hostile territory for them to fear or at least ignore.

Most of my encounters have been with those tiny sugar ants that seem to come out of every crevice. They are harmless, innocuous creatures, that seem to be no larger than the head of a pin. But, if you get them in bunches, they can seem like the next coming of the biblical plagues.

Luckily, there is a product on the market that home owners and renters alike are simply raving about. If you take the opportunity to read the customer reviews at Amazon, then you will see that the vast majority of those who have used this product are more than satisfied with the results. Terro brand sugar ant baits are helping suffering occupants deal with the ant uprisings of our nation.

Of course, prevention is the best protection, so keep a clean and orderly home if you want to avoid having to treat that home for unwanted critters, like sugar ants, bed bugs, silverfish, gnats, fruit flies, stink bugs, etc. Like I said, I haven’t had an ant outbreak in years, because I take care to keep my kitchen area clean. My girlfriend thinks I suffer from some sort of obsession, and she is correct… I’m obsessed with keeping nature out of my living area. If I want to experience nature, then I’ll go hiking and camping. I don’t want to share my home with all God’s creatures…

Good luck and happy hunting.

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  1. Cankle, have to agree with you about otherwise innocuous creatures in my living area. Ants are hardworking and help clean up the natural world with great speed and efficiency. But I’ll handle the cleaning in my own space, thank you. Wish they could talk and we could make a deal. But they can wreck a box of cereal and that’s not cheap. Sorry ants, that’s our breakfast.

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