How long can bed bugs live without feeding and still cause harm to your home and family?

So, How long can bed bugs live without feeding and still cause harm to your home and family…?

Here are some interesting facts regarding bed bugs and consumption.

-A well-fed bed bug has a shorter life span than an underfed bed bug, living about eight months.

-The average bedbug is capable of living without food for up to 140 days.

-Adult bed bugs have been known to go without food for 500 days.

-Water is another thing altogether. Without water, bed bugs will dehydrate and die within a week, much like cockroaches and other pests.

The simple truth is this; bed bugs are extremely resilient creatures, that have survived and evolved through much tougher times than you could ever propose by just trying to starve them to death. Another interesting fact, that is not listed above, is that bed bugs will simply go into hibernation when a food source is no longer near enough to be viable.

So, when treating your home for bed bugs, it is crucial that you do nothing to change your routine. In other words, you and your family will continue to sleep in your beds as usual. Otherwise, the bed bugs will go into survival mode, and simply shut their systems down and wait for an opportunity to feed and revive the nest.

Adult bed bug
Adult bed bug

Pretty interesting stuff, really, while also being just as creepy. These parasites are literally trying to take over the planet, and the irony here is that we’ve made things a bit easier for them with our past efforts to introduce harsh chemical treatments for pest eradication. The DDT dousings of the 1970’s nearly wiped bed bugs from the planet, but those that survived have built up some impressive tolerances, and now their species is thriving.

So, what constitutes a food source for bed bugs? Well, we do, actually. And, our pets and other nearby animals can also be quite tasty for bed bugs. But, as it turns out, humans are the most viable food source for bed bugs. When we sleep, they come to feed, and they are very difficult to detect. The bed bug bite is painless and people rarely feel them while they are sleeping, regardless of how many bugs are actually feeding at any given time.

So, what can you do to prevent bed bugs? The truth is, it is very difficult to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, because there are so many ways to introduce them into your living situation. They travel and relocate very easily and very well, and are extremely adaptable to new living conditions and climates.

When you travel, you can do a bed bug check in whatever motel, hotel, or home you are staying in as a guest. The most common way that bed bugs are introduced into a new home is by hitching a ride in the luggage and clothing of unsuspecting hosts. Once they’ve relocated, the female simply starts another colony, and the cycle has begun yet again.

If you live in an apartment building, as I do with my girlfriend, then you run the risk of having bed bugs move into your abode, simply because one of the other residents traveled to a destination where bed bugs were living, and then they conveniently brought them back to your neighborhood. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about the lifestyle decisions of other people.

Luckily, our apartment complex was all too willing to provide their exterminators for all the apartments on our floor, and after only three treatments we are now bed bug free. the fact that it only took three treatments tells me that we as a species are learning to cope with bed bugs much more efficiently and effectively, which is a reassuring sign.

How to remove bed bugs from home. If you ever find that bed bugs have moved into your home, there are many ways to go about killing them. Heat treatments and chemicals are the most common and effective ways. Depending upon how much you have to spend, you can have bed bugs eradicated in no time at all.

Good luck…!

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