Can you see bed bugs with your eyes is actually a fairly common question

can you see bed bugs with your eyes

Can you see bed bugs with your eyes? This is a fairly common question, and one that is surprisingly simple to answer as well. The answer of course is yes, bed bugs can be seen by the naked eye.

The life of a bed bug consists of 6 stages, from larvae to nymph to adults. Bed bug eggs look like small grains of rice and they take a couple of weeks to hatch. After the young bed bugs have hatched, they immediately develop a taste for human blood. These young bed bugs are called nymphs.

The nymphs pass through 5 stages of molting on their way to adulthood. Molting is the process by which these parasites shed their skin and become much larger than they were as stage one nymphs. by the time they reach stage six, the bugs are roughly the size of a pinhead, and are quite visible to the human eye.

The reason that many people believe that bed bugs cannot be seen readily is because they are an elusive, mainly nocturnal creature. They are reclusive in the sense that they stay hidden and close to the nest, unless of course there is a food source nearby. And, what is considered the primary food source? Well, we are of course! So, if you take a nap, and the bugs catch a whiff of your carbon dioxide emissions, then they will come out to feed whether the sun is out or not.

can you see bed bugs with your eyes
Bed bug on human hand

These are hungry creatures to be sure, so if you are lying in bed, then they will pay you a visit. You could even lay there and watch them feed if that’s your thing, but I personally find the process a bit creepy. In fact, everything about this bug is creepy.

I was at work the other day, when one of my co-workers asked me, “can I see bed bugs, ‘cuz I heard they only come out when I’m sleeping…?” This is just one of the many myths surrounding this elusive creature, and I think our general ignorance also contributes a bit to the epidemic that is currently sweeping the nation.

I was in denial right up until the point that I saw a couple bright red, flat looking bugs crawling on my legs one evening. This was the second time I had come across them, and so I ran a quick search engine query on bed bug pics, hoping I was heading down the wrong trail. Turns out, I was right on track, and my heart sank. I immediately awakened my girlfriend to let her know the good and bad news.

See, for months we couldn’t figure out why she had been waking up with several rash-like marks on her arms. Now we knew, which was a relief in a sense. Then, we had to notify the rental office of our apartment building, and they didn’t seem too surprised by the news, which was also reassuring in a sense. Their nonchalance on the subject ensured us that we weren’t the first in our building to be affected, and therefore we probably weren’t the culprits.

Can you see bed bugs in your bed?
Once I flipped my futon mattress over in the living room, I immediately saw the eggs, molts and bed bugs in various stages of their lives right there on the corner of the mattress. It was quite disturbing, considering that I had owned that piece of furniture for the better part of 10 years without incident. I immediately bundled it up and escorted it to the nearest dumpster. It was a painful goodbye, but that was only the beginning of our home furnishing purging process.

How big are bed bugs? Once you’ve seen one bed bug, you’ll be surprised at just how easily you can spot them during peak, active hours. They are quite an aggressive species, and they are also very difficult to get rid of. Once they’ve moved in, they don’t wanna move out…!

Good luck…!

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