Bed Bug Shredder “Triple Kill System” Kills Bed Bugs Dead Five (5) Bedroom Kit

Bed Bug Killer – Bed Bug Shredder “Triple Kill System” Kills Bed Bugs Dead Five (5) Bedroom Kit

There are a lot of products emerging onto the ‘getting rid of bed bugs’ market, in large part to the fact that these tiny creatures are quickly becoming an epidemic of global proportions. These parasites feed off the blood of humans, as well as other warm-blooded animals, and they need to be stopped, eradicated, erased from the annals of our timeline.

Bed bugs are creatures of consumption, and they produce nothing in the way of contributions to nature, the planet, or human evolution. By contrast, even though I hate being stung by bees, I immediately recognize that without them, this planet would cease to function in a way that is suitable for human existence. Bed bugs don’t even come close to joining the ranks of bees and other vital insects in the animal kingdom.

Bed bug shredder
Bed bug shredder

One of the newest products to hit the market is the Bed Bug Shredder “triple kill system” that literally stops the bed bugs in their tracks. The bed bugs will bring the powder back to the nest, where it will immediately go to work on the nymphs.

Heck, they explain it better than I can, and this is a direct quote from the product page on Amazon…

“…How Does The BedBugShredderTM “Triple-Kill System” Work?
(Phase 1) BedBugShredderTM Bed Bug Killing Deep Carpet Barrier Dust BedBugShredderTM carpet dust kills bed bugs by simply shredding their intestines. These micro crystals attach to the legs and bodies of bed bugs as they crawl across it. When they groom it off, the crystals are like ground glass in the bugs intestines, shredding them from the inside out, resulting in internal bleeding, mass dehydration and ultimately death. Its fine white powder lightly covers the immediate area of infestation (typically around the bed, furniture, etc.) for just a few days, that’s all it takes for those areas to be bed bug free. It’s simple to apply and you never have to worry about it harming your family or pets..

(Phase 2) BedBugShredderTM Direct Contact Bed Bug Killing Spray This intermediate treatment is the “direct contact killer” for treating mattresses, bed rails, couches and other furniture where the bed bug infestation is located. The specialized formula effectively eliminates the bed bugs and their offspring by causing immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application. In addition to being 100% effective on bugs directly treated with BedBugShredderTM, it also has been proven to be effective against eggs and larva that are directly treated. Note: This phase also contains a shielding ingredient that dramatically helps to protect from future bed bug infestations.

(Phase 3) BedBugShredderTM Laundry Additive Bed Bug Killer BedBugShredderTM Laundry Additive is the third part of the Triple-Kill System. It is specially formulated to chemically activate in water to kill the bed bugs and eggs on fabric. It is proven to kill all of the bed bugs from your linens and has been shown to be safe for all types of linens. And, because it is safe and non-toxic, it will not harm you or your family.”

There you have it, a triple kill system that will leave your cozy home free of bed bug infestation, and that’s what we’re all about here at We know first-hand just how invasive these bugs can be, because we’ve had our home infested by them, and had to spend thousands to have them eradicated.

The products on this page are geared toward helping you get rid of bed bugs forever, and they are affiliate links. If you make a purchase by following one of our links, then we receive a small commission that goes toward the support and maintenance of this site, so…. thank you in advance…!

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