Rid Your Home Of Bed Bugs!

Are bed bugs coming out of the woodwork in your home and literally snacking on you and your family?! Kill those bloodsuckers and live a worry-free lifestyle.

You’ll regain your peace of mind and it’s simpler than you think!

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It’s easier than you think!

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a lengthy and pricey venture, unless you have a specific strategy you can implement! We’re here to HELP!

Why pay tons of MONEY to pest control professionals, when you can probably take care of the bed bug infestation yourself for a fraction of the cost?!

Above, you will find products designed to help you prevent bed bug infestations, and to get rid of bed bugs if you already have these unwelcome guests in your home!

And, they are affordable to ANY homemaker!

Clearing the home of bed bugs yourself can be a rewarding and cathartic way to approach this otherwise seemingly tedious chore.


Getting rid of bed bugs yourself
Getting rid of bed bugs yourself

A quick story: Do you see the picture above of that insidious creature? Yes, that is a bed bug and it will munch on you and your family while you sleep!

Wanna know how to kill these invading creatures?

This is the place to find out, because during the summer of 2011 I found one of these blood-suckers gnawing on my leg while I was in bed trying to read a book.

That’s right, these bed bugs don’t just come out at night…!

They come out whenever a food source is close by, and guess what that food source is… you and me, and any warm-blooded life-form that happens to be nearby for an easy meal.

Bed bugs survive by sucking our blood and they will not stop feeding unless we separate ourselves from the food chain!

How do you get rid of these critters?

Sure, you could pay a pest control company thousands of dollars to come in and spray YOUR home with toxic chemicals, or you could simply take some easy steps to remedy the situation yourself.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be as simple as laying a few traps, some barrier or duck tape, and then placing some FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth powder around your sleeping areas.

I can show you how to accomplish the mission of killing bed bugs in your home… Are you ready to take some action?!

*Another quick story… I found a bed bug crawling on a bag that one of my employees carried to work this evening (August 3, 2012)! I captured the little beast and will be posting pics in the near future…!

These blood-suckers travel very well, and when I saw it crawling on his bag, I was LIVID! 

I swear, we will get rid of these monsters one nest at a time!


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